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mim akter
May 08, 2022
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You want to give both the Industry Email List financial manager and the maintenance engineer the best possible picture of his or her future workplace. Golden rule: Use real photos of your business with real Industry Email List people working in your business. No stock photos! An intermediary that always does this well is Job Personnel Broker : real people of their customers with real photos. Create job videos of the four or five most common vacancies in your company. Include the matching video of this Industry Email List vacancy on each vacancy detail page. In this way you show in optimum form what this workplace looks like and what future colleagues say about your company. Keep job videos short, sweet, and only with your own people. The vacancy detail page In Industry Email List my view, this is the most important page of your careers site, as this is where most potential applicants 'land' through external sources. Here you immediately offer everything that the applicant wants to see. screenshot job detail page A. A striking (contrasting) application Industry Email List button B. A 'more info' button for people who want more information before applying This data goes directly to the recruitment department C. Contact person with photo (makes the vacancy personal), including contact details D A link to more about this Industry Email List company (VDL Busland in this example) E. Related vacancies (see also vacancy 2-3, etc.) related vacancies. Job Alert (create your Job Industry Email List Alert for future vacancies) G. Post your CV (open application) H. USP box (not shown here): briefly summarize the vacancy USPs screenshot vacancy not found 5. Application Process You have found Henk and Henk has read your vacancy. In fact, the titles, texts and photos are so brilliant that Henk starts applying for a job. Then make sure you don't screw it up here. What you need to do? Henk to apply as kindly as possible, without obstacles. You know that more than 60 Industry Email List percent of your visitors are looking at the vacancy on mobile. Then why let him apply on mobile with a resume? Henk does not have a CV ready on his mobile phone. And no, resume Industry Email List uploading via Dropbox or Google Drive is not a friendly solution either.