Committed to Making Well Armed Citizens

The times we are living in are tough. As the country goes through the current situations we are experiencing, its easy to see that the only one you can rely on for your safety is you. Through engaging and hands-on training opportunities, 6L Defensive Firearms Training continuously cultivates well trained, armed citizens. If this is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more and join our growing community.

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Our Approach

As gun owners, we never stop learning. 6LDFDT’s training programs bring virtual and hands-on training to our students, so that you can continue to grow as an independent gun owner, who’s confident and prepared. Not everyone is born to protect. Our goal is to ensure you are “Built to Protect”.

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License to Carry (LTC)

Schedule your all-in-one class today, after this course you will have everything you need to get your License to Carry for the state of Texas.

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Basic Handgun Fundamentals

This course is a Basic Handgun Fundamentals Course. This course is designed to give new shooters and those interested in getting a handgun the fundamentals  they need to understand the mechanics of the firearm and the fundamentals needed to begin training with a handgun.

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Concealed Carry Home Defense Fundamentals

This course is a Concealed Carry Fundamentals Course. The course will go over firearms fundamentals of carrying a handgun for self & home defense, the legal aspects of Concealed Carry as well as the physiological effects of a critical incident.

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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

This course will guide you through the steps you'll need to take to go from just sending rounds downrange to actually training in specific, tested methods of armed self-defense. From stance to grip to physical shooting technique, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 will help you hone the edge on your inner warrior expert. You'll get your body working with your gun instead of against it, you'll learn which intuitive skills work best with what your body will naturally do while under stress in a combat situation, and you'll learn to apply this information simply and effectively - regardless of your skill level.

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House of Worship Safety

In Today's society we are seeing an increase in attacks on houses of worship. The instructors at 6L DFT are here to help train and prepare your house of worship to better protect your congregation.The instructors at 6L DFT are all members of their congregation's volunteer safety team. We train our safety team frequently throughout the year. If you have a team in place and are in need of more training, or you are trying to develop a team allow 6L DFT to assist you in this endeavor.

What Students Say on USCCA

 Clint L.

"Bryan and Eric were amazing instructors and very attentive to safety! I learned a ton. .."

Elizabeth A.

"Bryan was exceptional and very professional. It was very important to me have a private small class..."

Wayne S.

"The best and most practical defensive hand gun course I have taken..."


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